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Innovation concept

Shinde Chemicals Private Limited is a versatile conglomerate that has made waves across various industries since its establishment in 1972 by its visionary founder, Mr. Narayan Shinde.

The company has a multi-faceted approach, operating in diverse verticals including Electroplating & Surface Treatment Chemicals and related Equipment, Copper and Non Ferrous Casting, Lab Grown Diamond Export, Real Estate, E-commerce, Finance, and Philanthropy.

With a history of over 49 years of excellence, Shinde Chemicals has built a reputation for delivering quality products and services to its clients.

  • The company's Electroplating & Surface Treatment Chemicals division provides a wide range of innovative solutions designed to cater to various industrial requirements. Their product range includes electroplating chemicals, phosphating chemicals, pre-treatment chemicals, and surface treatment chemicals.

  • The Company manufactures best grade agriculture related chemicals like Copper Sulphate amd Copper Oxychloride.

  • Shinde Chemicals is also celebrated for its Copper and Non-Ferrous Casting division, which is equipped with advanced technology that allows them to provide a wide range of copper castings and copper alloy castings. We are specialised in very high grade Phosphorised Copper Anode Casting.

  • Apart from its industrial operations, Shinde Chemicals is also active in the Real Estate industry with its large portfolio of commercial and residential properties.

  • The company also participates actively in Philanthropy, with a focus on contributing to the community it operates in. Overall, Shinde Chemicals Private Limited has remained at the forefront of business excellence, providing quality services to all its stakeholders and contributing to the growth of the Indian economy.

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Electroplating Chemicals & Related

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copper electroplating machine for printed circuit boards

Electroplating is a versatile process that opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to coating various metals and non-metals with a thin layer of another metal. This process not only enhances the appearance of the surface but also provides additional benefits such as improved corrosion resistance, increased conductivity, and improved wear resistance. Let's explore some of the metals and non-metals that can be electroplated and the products required for the electroplating process. The metals for which we offer processes and chemicals are

Electroplating & Surface Treatment Chemicals


  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Nickel
  • Chrome
  • Cadmium
  • Zinc

Precious Metals

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Palladium
  • Rhodium

Plating on Non Conductors

  • ABS
  • PCB


  • Cleaners
  • Makeup Salts
  • Brighteners
  • Passivations
  • Anti Tarnish
  • Zincating
  • Antique Finish

Process Types

  • Cyanide based Electroplating
  • Non Cyanide Alkaline based Electroplating
  • Acid based Electroplating
  • Electroless Plating
  • Chemical Polishing
  • Electropolishing

Phosphating Chemicals & Related


Rust Removers

3 in 1 Phosphating

Zinc Phosphating

Manganese Phosphating

Tricationic Phosphating


Cold Blackening

Anti Rust & Rust Preventive Oils

Metallic Compounds

  • Copper Sulphate
  • Copper Carbonate
  • Copper Cyanide

  • Cadmium Oxide

  • Nickel Sulphate
  • Nickel Chloride
  • Nickel Carbonate
  • Nickel Sulphamate
  • Sodium Stannate
  • Stannous Sulphate

  • Zinc Chloride Solution
  • Zinc Cyanide

  • Silver Potassium Cyanide
  • Gold Potassium Cyanide
  • Gold Chloride

Organic Intermediates

  • p -Anisic Aldehyde
  • Benzylidene Acetone
  • Sodium Cumene Sulphonate
  • Sodium Ethyl Hexyl Sulphate
  • Sodium Allyl Sulphonate
  • Mirror Shinpol WT
  • PPS OH

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Agriculture Related Chemicals

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Modern and traditional medical, Alternative organic herbal drug and chemical medicine, Integrating various treatment healthcare.

Chemicals used in Agriculture.

We at Shinde Chemicals have recently ventured in to the field of Chemicals used in Agriculrture.

Our Vision: To research and develop better processes to make the Chemicals manufacturing easier.

Shinde Chemicals beleives in conserving the environment is at the core of sustainable development. For this it is necesarry to constantly innovate and develop newer processes for older chemistries to make them more eco friendly. to achieve this aim we have ventured into the field of Chemicals used in Agriculture.


The first few products in this range are

Copper Sulphate

**The Use of Copper Sulphate in Agriculture**

Copper sulphate (CuSO₄), a blue crystalline compound, has long been utilized in agriculture due to its multifaceted benefits. Known for its fungicidal, herbicidal, and pesticide properties, copper sulphate plays a crucial role in enhancing crop health and yield. This essay explores the various applications of copper sulphate in agriculture and its significance for sustainable farming practices.


One of the primary uses of copper sulphate in agriculture is as a fungicide. It is an active ingredient in Bordeaux mixture, a well-known fungicidal preparation used to control fungal diseases in crops. When combined with lime, copper sulphate creates a protective barrier on plant surfaces, preventing fungal spores from germinating and infecting the plant. This mixture is particularly effective against downy mildew, powdery mildew, leaf spots, and blights affecting fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals. Its use helps farmers reduce crop losses and maintain healthy, productive plants.

**Nutrient Supplement**

Copper is an essential micronutrient for plant growth, playing a vital role in various physiological processes, including photosynthesis, respiration, and enzyme function. Copper sulphate is used as a soil and foliar fertilizer to correct copper deficiencies in crops. Deficiency symptoms such as stunted growth, pale leaves, and poor yield can be alleviated by applying copper sulphate, thereby ensuring optimal plant health and productivity. Proper copper nutrition is crucial for the development of strong plant structures and resistance to diseases.

**Herbicide and Pesticide**

Copper sulphate also serves as an effective herbicide and pesticide. It is used to control aquatic weeds in irrigation systems and water bodies, preventing clogging and ensuring efficient water flow. Additionally, it acts as a molluscicide, targeting pests like snails and slugs that damage crops. By incorporating copper sulphate into integrated pest management strategies, farmers can minimize the reliance on synthetic chemicals, promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices.

**Soil Amendment**

Copper sulphate is used to improve soil health and fertility. It helps in the breakdown of organic matter, releasing essential nutrients for plant uptake. Moreover, it can help neutralize alkaline soils, making them more conducive for crop growth. Regular application of copper sulphate in appropriate amounts ensures balanced soil nutrition and enhances the overall productivity of agricultural land.

Safety and Environmental Considerations

While copper sulphate is beneficial in agriculture, its usage must be carefully managed to avoid potential negative impacts on the environment and human health. Excessive application can lead to soil and water contamination, harming beneficial microorganisms and aquatic life. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to recommended application rates and guidelines, ensuring safe and effective use.


Copper sulphate is a versatile and valuable tool in modern agriculture, offering numerous benefits as a fungicide, nutrient supplement, herbicide, and soil amendment. Its proper application helps farmers protect crops, enhance yield, and promote sustainable farming practices. However, responsible use and adherence to safety guidelines are imperative to prevent environmental contamination and ensure the long-term viability of copper sulphate in agriculture. As agricultural practices continue to evolve, copper sulphate remains a cornerstone in the quest for healthy, productive, and sustainable farming systems.

Copper Oxychloride

### The Use of Copper Oxychloride in Agriculture

Copper oxychloride (3Cu(OH)₂·CuCl₂), a fine green powder, is an important fungicide in agriculture. Known for its broad-spectrum efficacy, copper oxychloride is widely used to control fungal diseases in various crops. This essay explores the applications, benefits, and considerations associated with the use of copper oxychloride in agriculture.


Copper oxychloride is primarily used as a fungicide to protect crops from a wide range of fungal pathogens. It is effective against diseases such as downy mildew, powdery mildew, leaf spots, blights, and anthracnose. The compound works by inhibiting fungal spore germination and growth, thereby preventing the spread of infections. It forms a protective barrier on plant surfaces, safeguarding leaves, stems, and fruits from fungal attacks. This protective action is vital for maintaining plant health and ensuring high crop yields.

**Application in Various Crops**

Copper oxychloride is used in the cultivation of a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals. In fruit orchards, it is commonly applied to apple, pear, peach, and citrus trees to prevent fungal diseases that can significantly reduce fruit quality and yield. In vegetable farming, it is used on crops such as tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Additionally, ornamental plants benefit from copper oxychloride applications to maintain their aesthetic value and prevent disease-related damage.

**Nutrient Supplement**

Apart from its fungicidal properties, copper oxychloride also acts as a source of copper, an essential micronutrient for plants. Copper plays a crucial role in various physiological processes, including photosynthesis, respiration, and enzyme activity. The application of copper oxychloride helps correct copper deficiencies in soil, ensuring optimal plant growth and development. This dual function of disease control and nutrient supplementation makes copper oxychloride a valuable input in integrated crop management.

**Compatibility with Integrated Pest Management**

Copper oxychloride is compatible with integrated pest management (IPM) practices, which aim to reduce the reliance on synthetic chemicals and promote sustainable farming. As a contact fungicide, it can be combined with other biological and cultural control methods to effectively manage crop diseases. Its use in IPM programs helps in minimizing the development of pathogen resistance, maintaining the long-term efficacy of disease control strategies.

**Environmental and Safety Considerations**

While copper oxychloride is beneficial in agriculture, its application must be managed carefully to avoid potential environmental and health risks. Excessive use can lead to copper accumulation in soil, negatively impacting soil health and beneficial microorganisms. It is crucial to follow recommended application rates and guidelines to prevent environmental contamination. Proper handling and protective measures are essential to ensure the safety of farm workers and consumers.


Copper oxychloride plays a significant role in modern agriculture as an effective fungicide and nutrient supplement. Its broad-spectrum activity against various fungal diseases and its contribution to plant nutrition make it an indispensable tool for farmers. By incorporating copper oxychloride into integrated pest management practices and adhering to safety guidelines, farmers can protect their crops, enhance productivity, and promote sustainable agricultural practices. As agricultural challenges continue to evolve, copper oxychloride remains a cornerstone in the pursuit of healthy, productive, and resilient farming systems.

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Join Us on this Journey

As we embark on this exciting journey into e-commerce, we invite you to explore Ace Bazar and experience a new era of shopping. Whether you're a trendsetter, a tech enthusiast, a homemaker, or an art aficionado – there's something here for everyone.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Welcome to Ace Bazar – where innovation meets convenience, and shopping is elevated to an art form.

Warm Regards,

Mukund Shinde

Founder & CEO, Shinde Chemicals Private Limited

Recycling Division

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Recycle Concept

Our Vision: To research and develop better processes to make make recycling cost effective and environment friendly.

Established in 1972, Shinde Chemicals Private Limited has been a trusted name in the field of electroplating chemicals manufacturing. With decades of experience and expertise, we have been providing innovative solutions to our clients' needs, including on-site problem-solving for metal and chemical recycling.

At Shinde Chemicals, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Over the years, we have collaborated closely with our clients to develop eco-friendly and cost-effective processes for recycling various metals and chemicals. Our tailored solutions have enabled our clients to recycle precious metals efficiently at their own sites, minimizing waste and maximizing resource utilization.

Driven by our dedication to sustainability and continuous improvement, we are excited to announce the upcoming establishment of a state-of-the-art metal recycling facility at our factory in Wada, Maharashtra, India. This facility will further enhance our capabilities to recycle metals efficiently and responsibly, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

Stay tuned for updates on our metal recycling facility as we continue to innovate and advance in our mission towards sustainable manufacturing practices.

Precious Metal Recycling

Non Ferrous Metal Recycling

Spent Nickel Catalyst Recycling

Spent Palladium Catalyst Recycling

Spent Platinum Catalyst Recycling

General Metal Recycling

Copper & Alloy Casting Division

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Steel foundry (iron foundry, smeltery)

Phosphorised Anode casting involves the process of casting anodes using phosphorised copper. Phosphorus is intentionally added to copper anodes designed for use in acid copper plating. This addition of phosphorus creates a black film on the anode as it dissolves.

Phosphorised copper anodes, typically containing 0.04-0.06 percent phosphorus, are commonly used in acid copper solutions. These anodes are often in the form of nuggets, with a typical size of 1 inch in diameter and one inch in length.

The casting of phosphorised anodes is a crucial step in the copper pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy processes, ensuring the anodes have the necessary chemical and physical properties for optimal electrorefining performance. Achieving a high-quality anode through proper casting techniques is essential in these processes

.We can provide Copper Anodes in custom sizes and shapes.

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Caregiver, carer hand holding elder hand in hospice care. Philanthropy kindness to disabled concept.

In Memoriam: Honoring the Legacy of Late Mr. Narayan Shinde - A Visionary Philanthropist

It is with deep reverence and a sense of profound loss that we remember the life and contributions of Late Mr. Narayan Shinde, the esteemed Founder and Director of Shinde Chemicals Private Limited. A visionary leader and a paragon of philanthropy, Mr. Shinde's journey was defined by his unwavering commitment to uplifting society and fostering education in underserved communities.

Mr. Shinde's dedication to philanthropy was not merely a facet of his life; it was his life's purpose. With a heart brimming with compassion and a vision of creating lasting change, he championed initiatives that left an indelible mark on the lives of countless individuals. One of his enduring legacies is the Uchat Shikshan Sanstha, a beacon of education nestled in a tribal area adjacent to the Shinde Chemicals Private Limited factory.

Recognizing the transformative power of education, Mr. Shinde propelled the establishment of this institution, ensuring that quality learning reaches even the remotest corners. He was honored by Uchat Shikshan Sanstha by bestowing his name to the Junior College and presently there are more than 2000 Students studying in Aspee High School and Shree Narayan Abajirao Shinde Junior College.

A testament to the boundless generosity of

Mr. Narayan Shinde and his family , Mrs. Pramila Shinde, his beloved wife,

donated a sprawling 8 acres of land to facilitate the expansion of the Uchat Shikshan Sanstha. This selfless act has paved the way for the construction of additional buildings, enabling the institution to extend its reach and offer education up to the junior college level. Their joint commitment reflects not only a dedication to education but also a profound understanding of the role it plays in nurturing the potential of young minds.

In his pursuit of advancing education, Mr. Shinde went beyond infrastructure. He reached out to the hearts of students in need, providing scholarships that served as stepping stones towards their dreams. His support extended to economically disadvantaged students, allowing them to pursue their education without the burden of financial constraints. As a result, many of these beneficiaries have risen beyond their circumstances, not only progressing economically but also contributing positively to society.

Mr. Shinde's philanthropic journey is a shining example of how one individual's compassion can ignite a chain reaction of positive change. His legacy continues to resonate through the lives he touched, the communities he uplifted, and the education he nurtured.

As we reflect upon the life of Late Mr. Narayan Shinde, let us remember him not only as a successful entrepreneur but as a beacon of hope, a guiding light whose legacy of philanthropy and devotion to education will continue to inspire generations to come.

Though he may have left this mortal realm, his spirit lives on, inspiring us all to embrace the ethos of giving and to create a world where compassion and education thrive hand in hand.

May his memory be a blessing, and may his legacy continue to illuminate our path toward a brighter future.

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Directors & Team



Mr. Mukund Shinde

Mr. Mukund Shinde joined the company at an early age of 21 years.He has a rich and diverse experience in entrepreneurship using which he created different verticals for Shinde Chemicals Private Limited. He has 30+ years of experience in Chemicals manufacturing business. He is actively involved in research and development of newer chemistries and processes to improve the performance of the processes.

Mr. Vivek Jalan

Mr Vivek Jalan is a MMS from mumbai University. He started his career with Sterlite Industries and has been into procurement of various raw materials ever since. In his illustrious career of last 28 years he has procured industrial raw materials of over 3 billion US dollars. He has spearheaded and lead many turnarounds in his expansive career.

Mr. K.S.M. Thameem Ansari.

An Environmental professional, MBA (HR & Marketing) graduate with vast experience in Marketing, Sales, Business development and Customer services. Also has sound work knowledge and experience in Office Administration and Operations which is includes statutory compliances.

Serving in the Waste/Environmental Management Industry (both Indian based and MNC’s) for more than 17+ years, have PAN India and International Marketing & Business development expertise with good industrial contacts.

Mr. Sujit Pise

**Brief Description for Sujit Prakash Pise**

Sujit Prakash Pise, aged 38, has joined Shinde Chemicals as the Head Sales & Marketing , Maharashtra, of the Agriculture Division. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Agri-business Management from Garware Institute of Career Education & Development, Mumbai University, and a B.Sc. in Agriculture from Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli.

With extensive experience in the sales and marketing of plant growth regulators, bio-pesticides, fertilizers, and chemical pesticides, Sujit has a proven track record in various managerial roles. He has worked across multiple regions in Maharashtra, focusing on organic and inorganic agricultural products. His career reflects strong analytical skills, a cooperative nature, excellent negotiation abilities, and a dedication to hard work and self-motivation. In his new role at Shinde Chemicals, Sujit will leverage his expertise to drive the success and growth of the Agriculture Division.

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